Because of you, the growth we’ve experienced over the past year has been remarkable! We are thrilled to share some exciting changes that will elevate the Juniors program even further in 2024! Explore the below subjects for a deeper understanding of why we are making these participant-centric changes. If you still have questions, please email us at


All Galaxy Juniors Classes will now fall under the “LA Galaxy Programs” location. If you have attended a class at Galaxy Park, there are no changes! If you have attended a class at Kinecta Soccer Center, please change your DaySmart profile location to “LA Galaxy Programs” so you can explore all your LA Galaxy Youth options available in one streamlined experience! First, sign in and go to “My Profile” (left side of the screen). Scroll down to “Preferred Location” and change to “LA Galaxy Programs” option. If you have any questions, email


In 2024, you will receive information detailing the LA Galaxy Player Pathway. We often get asked, “What should I do next for my child?” Our primary goal is to help equip you, the parents, with the information needed to make the correct next steps for your child’s soccer journey.


  • We spent the past 6 months analyzing ways we could improve our soccer sessions from the Coaches’ perspective, and found that having two Coaches on the field is extremely beneficial for player development. In 2024, we are committed to staffing the most beneficial amount of Coaches whenever possible!
  • As part of a holistic Coaching education initiative, we offer our Coaches Education meetings and implemented a minimum coaching license standard to ensure your child is receiving MLS-standard soccer training.
  • If you or someone you know is interested in coaching for the LA Galaxy, contact Chris Pedersen ( for more information.


We are extending the 18-24 month class to 18 to 30 months! With this change, we are renaming the class to 1.5 – 2.5 years. Extending the age will enable more children to participate in our introductory class and provide a larger and more exciting environment! The class will continue to focus on motor skill development with various equipment, learning to follow directions, and falling in love soccer.

3 - 4 CLASS

In 2024, 3-4 classes will become ‘Parent As Needed’ classes, meaning that parents are asked to be on the soccer field with their child when necessary. Children in this class are learning to control their emotions by expressing themselves with their words, working in small groups, and following directions. While our coaches are trained to help children stay engaged and re-engage when distractions occur, parents are significantly more effective at helping their child re-engage after tough moments. If you see your child misbehaving, upset, or distracted please step on to the field and help your child re-engage with the soccer practice. Once your child has re-joined their group and is listening to instructions, parents are welcome to leave the field to allow room for their child to continue participating independently.

4 - 5, 5 - 6, & 6 - 7 CLASSES

Our oldest Juniors classes will all begin following the Play-Practice-Play format in 2024. What this means is that your child will start and end each practice with playing soccer. The middle portion of each practice will focus on one of three topics: dribbling, passing or shooting. Our priority will always be to focus on dribbling as the primary skill developed at these ages, but you may see passing and shooting games implemented throughout the season.


Once your player completes Galaxy Juniors, there are plenty of options to continue their soccer journey – Leagues, Skills Training and Youth Development Camps! 5v5 Leagues offer a competitive in-game learning environment, while Skills Training focuses on individual on-the-ball movements. Youth Development Camps are seasonal and offers a platform for players of beginner and intermediate levels to challenge themselves in an exciting environment consisting of challenging camp games, ball mastery and tactical instruction.